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Welcome to E1 Industries! Here at E1 we are obsessed with modernizing products of the past into the designs of the future. Check our some of our work in the products tab and hopefully you will love our designs as much as we do. Connect with us on Twitter, Twitch, Discord, and Youtube to hear about upcomming events, products, and new releases.

E1 - 2049 TS WKL
The 2049 is our first attempt at producing a modern-classical typing experience. Greg is an avid mechanical keyboard enthusiast and a passionate engineer, his two worlds combine in the 2049 creating a mechanical keyboard masterpiece. He wanted to maintain a traditional look on the 2049, referencing a standard WKL similar to the IBM Model M's layout. The modern features added to this board were included with the intention to not disrupt the feel and aesthetic of a classic wkl, for the mechanical keyboard purists of the community, while also adding new and interesting features to help spark a passion amongst new members of the hobby. The 2049 was designed with the purpose of bringing a new and exciting custom mechanical keyboard to your desk. We hope that you experience those intention brought to life when you type on it.

The team at E1 industries is currently finalizing the design and hardware of the 2049 TS. Please let us know your thoughts over on twitter, instagram, or any other platforms you find us on. We are really excited to get this product out to the public, so any support from the community is greatly appreciated. Project updates can be found on our social media pages and discord, so please follow them if you want to be up to date on the ongoing work at E1.

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